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The following articles are available from the March–April 1979 Air University Review.

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1979 March – April
Nuclear Strategy: Differences in Soviet and American
1st Lt. John W. Jenson, USAF
Tactical Air Defense: A Soviet-U.S. Net Assessment Maj Tyrus W. Cobb, USA
Soviet-United States Civil Defense:
Tipping the Strategic Scale?
Maj Thad A. Wolfe, USAF
The Calculus of Surprise Attack Lt Col A. L. Elliott, USAF
“The Shasta Disaster”: Forgotten Lesson in
Interservice Relations
Dr. Murray Green
The Challenge of Clausewitz Group Captain R. A. Mason, RAF
Books and Ideas

The Southern Duck Wants to Lie Down

Col James L. Morrison, Jr., USA (Ret)

Power, Control, and Legitimacy

Col Raymond E. Bell, Jr., USAR

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