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1977 March – April
From the Editor's Aerie  
Emerging Major Power Relationships: Implications
for the American Military in the Late Twentieth Century
Dr. Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr.
The Integrity of the Warsaw Pact, Part I Wing Commander Peter M. Papworth, RAF
Correlation of Forces: Revolutionary Legacy Maj Richard E. Porter, USAF
Soviet Civil Defense: Preparations for Industrial-Base War Survival Capt John W. Dorough, Jr., USAF
The Oil Weapon and American Foreign Policy Dr. Joseph S. Szyliowicz
Maj Bard E. O'Neill, USAF
Fuel Supplies in Time of War Dr. Arthur Akers

Variable Budgets: Application and Theory

 Leland G. Jordan
In My Opinion

Commitment to Integrity

Maj Gen Henry J. Meade, USAF

A Case for Equality in Housing

Maj Gary W. Matthes, USAF
Military Affairs Abroad

The Royal Australian Air Force

 Lt Col David N. Burt, USAF
Books and Ideas

Myths and Vietnam

Raymond E. Bell, Jr.

Question of Honor

Lt Col Jon A. Reynolds, USAF

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