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The following articles are available from the March–April 1971 Air University Review.

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1971 March – April
The Changing Role of the Military Profession Brig. Gen. Robert N. Ginsburgh, USAF
Capt. Pember W. Rocap, USAF
More Mileage than Programmed from Military R&D Dr. Alan M. Lovelace

Factors in Military Decision-Making:
Communication and Cross-Cultural Analysis

Lt. Col. Russell A. Turner II, USAF
Dr. Hamid Mowlana
Psychological Operations and Air Power:
Its Hits and Misses
Col. Robert L. Gleason, USAF
Implications of a Volunteer Force Maj. Neal G. Sorensen, USAF
Air Force Review

Domestic Action – A DOD Welfare Program

 Lt. Col. Carl H. Carey, Jr., USAF
In My Opinion

Leadership – Seen from the Ranks

Lt. Col. Victor D. Sutch, USAF (Ret)

A Tree Grows in the Pentagon

Col. John E. Bex, USAFR
Military Affairs Abroad

A Comparison of Professional Military Educational Systems

Lt. Col. William Bruenner, USAF

Reflections on an Air Force/Navy Exchange Tour

 Maj. William J. Breckner, Jr., USAF
Books and Ideas

The Meaning of the Suez

Dr. Alfred Goldberg

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