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The following articles are available from the July–August 1971 Air University Review.

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1971 July – August 
Air Force Technical Intelligence Col. Robert B. Kalisch, USAF
Aircraft Wake Turbulence Andrew S. Carten, Jr.
Sonic Boom and the Supersonic Transport Maj. Richard M. Roberds, USAF
The Uniqueness of the Earth Dr. William G. Pollard
Terrorism as a Political Weapon Jay Mallin
Air Force Review

Management Users of Cost Information

Maj. Frederick T. Walker, USAF

Equipment Readiness

 Jerome G. Peppers, Jr.
Military Affairs Abroad

The USSURI River Incident as a Factor in Chinese Foreign Policy

 Col. Donald M. Marks, USAF
Books and Ideas

The Civilian Analysis, in Their Pride and Their Fall

Brig. Gen. Noel F. Parrish, USAF (Ret)

The American Military Novel

Col. Jesse C. Gatlin Jr., USAF

Five Pathfinders: The Origins of Air Navigation

Col. Ray L. Bowers, USAF

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