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The following articles are available from the July–August 1967 Air University Review.

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1967 July – August

Logistics is the Lifeline Gen. Kenneth B. Hobson, USAF
USAF War Readiness Materiel, 1946-1966 Lt. Col. Shadrach E. Davis, USAF
Reorganization of the Canadian Armed Forces Air Marshal F. R. Sharp, RCAF
Air Force Review

Air Base Security in a Limited-War Area

Col. Donald C. Shultis, USAF

The Effect of Automation on Organization

Lt. Col. J. R. Brown, USAF
In My Opinion

       The Case for Cold War Gaming in the Military Services

Lt. Col. Arthur W. Banister, USAF

       Decision Theory and Weather Forecasts:  A Union with Promise

Maj. Frank P. Scruggs, Jr., USAF
Military Affairs Abroad
The United States and NATO—Past, Present, and Future The Honorable Charles E. Bohlen, U.S. Ambassador to France
Special Express Lt. Col. Ruskin M. Bland, USAF
The Country Team—A Model for Coordination Lt. Col. Ross E. Hamlin, USAF
Books and Ideas

The Royal Air Force in Retrospect:


              Tallyho: To the Aid of the RAF

Sir Basil E. Embry, Air Chief Marshal, RAF (Ret)
Col. Albert P. Sights, Jr., USAF (Ret)  
              The Strategic Bombing Offensive: New Perspectives Capt. David MacIsaac, USAF
              New Dimensions for National Security Planning Lt. Col. William E. Simons, USAF

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