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Summer 1996

Volume X, No. 2

AFRP 10-1

The following articles are available from the Summer 96 Airpower Journal.

Feature Articles

PDFA Question of Ethics
by Charles W. Colson
I am not in politics anymore. I have done my time, literally and figuratively, but I can't help watching with dismay what is happening in our country.
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PDFGallant Atavism: The Military Ethic in an Age of Nihilism
by Dr James H. Toner
An ethic is a body of moral principles or values governing or distinctive of a group. Almost any group--a collection of ministers or mechanics, a mafia--can, and often does, have an ethic.
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PDFProfessional Integrity
by Brig Gen Malham M. Wakin, USAF, Retired
There is also such a thing as professional integrity that is related to--perhaps dependent upon, certainly compatible with, but different from--personal integrity.
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PDFPersonal Ethics versus Professional Ethics
by Maj Gen Jerry E. White, USAFR
Integrity, honesty, and moral conduct are essential elements in a good leader. Most people would agree with that statement.
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PDFThe US Air Force Academy's Cutting-Edge Character Development Program
by Maj Brian F. Hall, USAF with Col David A. Wagie, USAF
Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do--in sum, doing what is right and doing so for the right reason--are lofty aspirations that represent our Air Force core values.
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PDFAerospace Doctrine: More than Just a Theory
by Gen Ronald R. Fogleman, Chief of Staff, USAF
Air Force doctrine should provide an integrating framework to tie together the various elements of the Air Force team, to show how these elements work together, and to provide a basis for integrating airpower with other forms of combat power in joint operations.
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PDFDefeating Insurgents with Technology
by Col Jeffery R. Barnett, USAF
As the United States military looks to the future, two themes dominate most projections. The first is advanced technology. The second trend facing the US military involves insurgencies.
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PDFBomber Barons, Bureaucrats, and Budgets: Your Professional Reading on the Theory and Doctrine of Strategic Air Attack
by Dr David R. Mets
Whether you contemplate a mentorship program in your squadron, a great books study group, or merely your own personal professional reading program, you could well use a strategic air attack theory and doctrine as a skeleton for your enterprise.
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PDFInterservice Rivalry in Action: The Endless Roles and Missions Refrain?
by Col Richard Szafranski, USAF
This article illuminates and explores what may become a central issue of the upcoming and first refrain, some surrounding issues, and the range of likely outcomes of such a process.
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PDFA Commentary: Interservice Rivalry and Air Force Doctrine: Promise, Not Apology
by Gene Myers
The clear implication is that the Air Force--or what will replace it in the smoldering wreckage of the coming budget battle--will be useful for nothing other than the direct support of surface forces.
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PDFA Commentary: Prophets, Heretics, and Peculiar Evils
by Reina Pennington
The Air Force, he believes, cannot survive unless it can both refute what he describes as the "very nearly indisputable arguments" of the other services and then advance an alternative and "superior theory" of airpower.
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Way Points

Space is More Than a Place*
by Lt Gen Jay W. Kelley, USAF

The Air and Space Alternative
by Lt Col Gary Endersby and Maj John Brence, USAF

Technology and Strategy
by Lt Col Roy A. Griggs, USAF

Childhood's End
by Lt Col D. Robert Poynor, USAF