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Spring 2004

Volume XVIII, No. 1

AFRP 10-1


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Prelaunch Notes

Flight Lines

Emerging Air and Space Power Technologies


The Effect of Human Factors on the Helmet-Mounted Display
Maj James R. Vogel, USAF
Dr. Marian C. Schultz
Dr. James T. Schultz

Whither High-Energy Lasers?
Maj Gen Donald L. Lamberson, PhD, USAF, Retired
Col Edward Duff, USAF, Retired
Don Washburn, PhD
Lt Col Courtney Holmberg, PhD, USAF

What Should We Bomb? Axiological Targeting and the Abiding
Limits of Airpower Theory

Dr. Paul Rexton Kan


Electromagnetic Applications of Biomimetic Research
Dr. Morley O. Stone
Dr. Rajesh R. Naik
Dr. Lawrence L. Brott
Dr. Peter S. Meltzer Jr.

Vignettes & Doctrine Notams

What We Believe
ASPJ Staff

Centralized Control
ASPJ Staff

Decentralized Execution: Executing the Mission
ASPJ Staff

Operational Control (OPCON)

Tactical Control: Accomplishing the Mission


Getting There FIRST
Col Steven C. Suddarth, USAF
Lt Col Ross T. McNutt, USAF
Maj William T. Cooley, USAF

Powering the Future: Advances in Propulsion Technologies Provide a
Capability Road Map for War-Fighter Operations
Maj Michael F. Kelly, USAF, Retired

Fuel Cells: Powerful Implications
Lt Col David P. Blanks, USAF

Military Applications of Information Technologies
Paul W. Phister, Jr., PE, PhD
Igor G. Plonisch

The Joint Personnel Recovery Coordination Center: The Next Step in
Joint Integration
Maj Eric Braganca, USAF

The Nonrescue of Corvette 03©
Col Darrel D. Whitcomb, USAF, Retired

Net Assessment

Jayhawk! The VII Corps in the Persian Gulf War
Stephen A. Bourque
Reviewer: Maj Paul G. Niesen, USAF

The Liberty Incident: The 1967 Israeli Attack on the U.S. Navy Spy Ship
A. Jay Cristol
Reviewer: Lt Col Robert B. Kane, USAF

Malta Spitfire: The Diary of a Fighter Pilot
George Beurling and Leslie Roberts
Reviewer: Lt Col Rob Tate, USAFR

On Target: Organizing and Executing the Strategic Air Campaign against Iraq
Richard G. Davis
Reviewer: Lt Col Merrick E. Krause, USAF

Secret Intelligence in the Twentieth Century
Heike Bungert, Jan Heitmann, and Michael Wala, eds.
Reviewer: Capt Gilles Van Nederveen, USAF, Retired

Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry
P. W. Singer
Reviewer: John H. Barnhill

Space Policy in the 21st Century 
W. Henry Lambright, ed.
Reviewer: Maj John E. Shaw, USAF

Der Brand: Deutschland im Bombenkrieg, 1940–1945
Jörg Friedrich
Reviewer: Dr. Douglas Peifer

When Thunder Rolled: An F-105 Pilot over North Vietnam 
Ed Rasimus
Reviewer: Dr. David R. Mets

Mission Debrief

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