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Winter 2002

Volume XVI, No. 4

AFRP 10-1

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Winter 2002

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Prelaunch Notes

Flight Lines

The Best in Professional Air and Space Power Thought

Ricochets and Replies


Toward Defining Air Force Leadership
Dr. Mike Thirtle

Creating Strong Leaders and Strong Units: Using Air Force History
as a Leadership Tool

James T. Hooper


Air Staff Rides: Wartime Leadership Experience
Capt Gilles Van Nederveen, USAF, Retired
Dr. Daniel R. Mortensen

Vignettes & Doctrine Notams

Alexander P. de Seversky
Col Phillip S. Meilinger, USAF, Retired

Maj Gen Mason M. Patrick
Dr. Robert P. White

The Barling Bomber

Mexican Punitive Expedition

The DeHavilland DH-4: Workhorse of the Army Air Service


Emotional Intelligence: Implications for All United States
Air Force Leaders
Lt Col Sharon M. Latour, USAF
Lt Gen Bradley C. Hosmer, USAF, Retired

The Sources of Leadership Doctrine in the Air Force
Shannon A. Brown, PhD

The Oath of Office: A Historical Guide to Moral Leadership
Lt Col Kenneth Keskel, USAF

Train Like We Fight, Fight Like We Train: Establishing the Air and
Space Expeditionary Force Training Center

Lt Col Bradley D. Spacy, USAF
Lt Col Michael I. Trapp, USAF

Command and Control of Air and Space Forces Requires Significant
Attention to Bandwidth

Lt Col Kurt A. Klausner, USAF

Valuing Air Force Education and Training: Faculty Duty and
Leader Development

Dr. James M. Smith
Col Douglas J. Murray, USAF

Fodder for Your Professional Reading: The Officer as a Teacher
Dr. David R. Mets

Net Assessment

Crimson Sky: The Air Battle for Korea
John R. Bruning
Reviewer: Capt Kevin D. Smith, USAF

Reach for the Sky: The Story of Douglas Bader, Legless Ace of the
Battle of Britain

Paul Brickhill
Reviewer: John H. Barnhill

On the German Art of War: Truppenführung
Bruce Condell and David T. Zabecki, trans. and eds.
Reviewer: Lt Col Robert B. Kane, USAF

The Dynamics of Military Revolution, 1300–2050
MacGregor Knox and Williamson Murray, eds.
Reviewer: Lt Col Anthony C. Cain, USAF

Jungle Ace: Col. Gerald R. Johnson, the USAAF’s Top Fighter Leader
of the Pacific War

John R. Bruning
Reviewer: Garner Johnson

Hit to Kill: The New Battle over Shielding America from Missile Attack
Bradley Graham
Reviewer: Kenneth P. Werrell

The Phantom Defense: America’s Pursuit of the Star Wars Illusion
Craig Eisendrath, Melvin A. Goodman, and Gerald E. Marsh
Reviewer: Kenneth P. Werrell

Intelligence Services in the Information Age: Theory and Practice
Michael Herman
Reviewer: Capt Gilles Van Nederveen, USAF, Retired

Controlling Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons: Obstacles and Opportunities
Jeffrey A. Larsen and Kurt J. Klingenberger, eds.
Reviewer: Lt Youssef H. Aboul-Enein, USN

Minuteman: The Military Career of General Robert S. Beightler
John Kennedy Ohl
Reviewer: Maj James Gates, USAF

Touch and Go

Fortune Favors the Brave: The Story of First Force Recon
Bruce F. Meyers
Reviewer: Capt Rich Bellshot, USAF

The Wrong Stuff: The Adventures and Misadventures of an 8th
Air Force Aviator

Truman Smith
Reviewer: Capt Rick Spyker, USAF

China Pilot: Flying for Chennault during the Cold War
Felix Smith
Reviewer: Maj Kristina M. O'Brien, USAF

F-105 Thunderchiefs: A 29-Year Illustrated Operational History,
with Individual Accounts of the 103 Surviving Fighter Bombers
W. Howard Plunkett
Reviewer: Kenneth P. Werrell

Mission Debrief

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