Volume 30, Issue 1, Spring  2016

Senior Leader Perspective

No Longer the Outlier: Updating the Air Component Structure

Lt Gen CQ Brown Jr., USAF
Lt Col Rick Fournier, USAF

Historically, the air component has been an outlier. Air operations and Air Force forces (AFFOR) doctrine has been slow to adapt to changes in the joint environment. Past doctrinal distinctions between AFFOR and the air operations center (AOC) place...

Feature Articles

Challenging Minimum Deterrence: Articulating the Contemporary Relevance of Nuclear Weapons

Maj Joshua D. Wiitala, USAF

Since the end of the Cold War, the relevance of US nuclear weapons has been the subject of immense debate. Today, the need to initiate recapitalization programs for key elements of the US nuclear enterprise gives this debate added meaning and...

Just Checking the Box: Do Our Airmen Value Their CCAF Degree?

Maj Jason M. Newcomer, DBA, USAF
Aaron M. Glassman, DMgt
Maj Aisha D. DaCosta-Paul, USAFR
MSgt Jason A. Fowler, USAF

A recent article, "CCAF Continues to Provide Value to Air Force, Enlisted Members," posted in the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) alumni group on LinkedIn generated over 100 comments from CCAF graduates regarding the value of that...


A Shot in the Dark: Shedding Light on Exoatmospheric Situational Awareness with Alternate Sensor Utilization

Dr. Jeremy L. Barnes, PMP
Ashley N. Elledge
Col Scott G. Patton, USAF, Retired

This article examines utilizing CubeSats (small satellites) equipped with advanced sensors to augment and improve situational awareness for missile defense to facilitate defeating an incoming warhead. Both types of sensing and deployment tactics are...

Multidomain Operations: A Subtle but Significant Transition in Military Thought

Dr. Jeffrey M. Reilly

More than four years ago, Gen Martin Dempsey, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, asked an assembled Military Education Coordination Council, "What's after joint?" His principal concern was that the worldwide flood of powerful,...

Geopolitics and Planning for a High-End Fight: NATO and the Baltic Region

Dr. Ralph S. Clem

The geopolitical crisis in Europe stemming from Russia's annexation of Crimea and further attacks on Ukraine has resulted in a heightened level of tensions between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Geopolitical concerns,...

The Joint Force Air Component Commander and the Integration of Offensive Cyberspace Effects: Power Projection through Cyberspace

Capt Jason M. Gargan, USAF

This article proposes that the Air Force shape the air component to properly integrate cyberspace effects to work within the constraints of the Joint Staff Execution Order "Implementing Cyberspace Command and Control." It advocates a proven way for...

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