Volume 30, Issue 3, Fall  2016

Senior Leader Perspective

Assuring the USAF Core Missions in the Information Age 

Lt Gen William J. Bender, USAF
Col William D. Bryant, USAF

As we progress from the industrial age to the information age, the US Air Force must come to terms with defending our nation by executing its core missions in and through the cyberspace domain. The ubiquitous nature of cyberspace (which goes beyond...

Feature Articles

The Best Aircraft for Close Air Support in the Twenty-First Century 

Maj Kamal J. Kaaoush, USAF

Like many government agencies, the United States Air Force has faced budget cuts for several years. Senior Air Force officials have announced that retiring the A-10 will save $4.2 billion and will justify spending nearly $400 billion on the F-35...

Matrix Wings: Continuous Process Improvement an Operator Can Love

Dr. A. J. Briding, Colonel, USAF, Retired

The Air Force has attempted for several decades to improve effectiveness and efficiency by using continuous process improvement (CPI) methodologies to alleviate the impact of funding and manpower reductions. The failure of the Quality Air Force...

Strategic Flexibility to Deter in the Asia-Pacific 

Col Tom Torkelson, USAF
COL Dan Kelley, USA
Col Yasumasa Hayashi, JASDF
CAPT William McKinney, USN

The recent military resurgence of both China and Russia, along with the United States’ so-called rebalance to the Asia-Pacific and declining military budgets, suggests the need and opportunity to reevaluate US military policy for the region. Rather...


A Commonsense Approach to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations 

Maj William Giannetti, Virginia Air National Guard

Over the next four years, daily combat air patrols conducted by remotely piloted aircraft will increase by 27 percent. Long hours, a scarcity of resources, and increasing demand for tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance...


Nuclear Deterrence in Cyber-ia: Challenges and Controversies

Dr. Stephen J. Cimbala

Although nuclear and cyber issues might seem to belong in separate compartments, current US military activity and prospective challenges suggest that “nuclear” and “cyber” topics may achieve certain congruities. For its success, nuclear...

The Russian Perception of the NATO Aerospace Threat: Could It Lead to Preemption?

Lt Col Thomas R. McCabe, USAFR, Retired

It is all too plausible that President Putin, as a Russian nationalist, intends ultimately to rebuild the Russian Empire. Given the dismal likelihood that this objective will produce a systemic confrontation between Russia and the West, it is time...

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